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Bun will soon support Windows and Shell Script!

Bun, an all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript!

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Jan 24, 2024

2 min read


What is Bun ?

Bun Bun is an all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript apps. It ships as a single executable called bun.

In a previous Tech post, I introduced using Bun.

Bun allows us to run our JavaScript and TypeScript files in a runtime environment using CLI. Also, like express, you can use Bun to run a web server. The following example shows how to run a web server using Bun.

  fetch(req: Request) {
    return new Response("Success!")

However, as it is still the initial version Bun v1.0.25, it does not provide perfect functionality like other CLIs. Nevertheless, Bun is continuously being updated and shows the fastest build time in runtime execution, so it is not difficult to use in the field.

Also, there was news recently that it supports Windows and Shell Script.

Can Bun now be used on Windows soon??

The Bun JavaScript runtime has added experimental support for shell scripts, with a post that implies this will particularly help Windows developers.

although Bun does not yet support Windows, a release is said to be coming soon.

The Bun Shell enables shell scripts to be executed by bun. The main advantage is that the same script will run cross-platform.

Bun creator Jarred Sumner explained that “macOS (zsh), Linux (bash), and Windows (cmd) all have slightly different shells with different syntaxes and different commands. The commands available on each platform are different, and even the same command can have different flags and behaviors.”

release notes for the Bun 1.0.25 state that “Windows is coming soon 10 days away.” Presuming it is delivered, a stable Windows build will help Bun adoption as well as making sense of the new shell script feature.

release note

That’s all!

I hope we can use Bun on Windows ASAP.

See you next!


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